Thank you 2020.

We all went into 2020 with so much hope.

With a sense of entitlement and arrogance, we believed it had to be better than 2019, we went into 2020 thinking it would be the year our dreams came true.

We were so sure 2020 would be better.

Little did we know that a slap in the face and a kick up the ass was what we were really going to get from the universe and 2020 really did that.

From condemning what we thought was a shit year in 2019, we came back down to earth in 2020, in a year that taught us gratitude.

A year that taught us, in hindsight, things weren’t really so bad and we just should have been grateful for the good and bad in 2019.

Let’s hope we remain grateful and instead of saying ‘screw 2020’, like we did with 2019, let’s say thank you 2020…

🙏 Thank you for bringing me down to earth. 🙏 Thank you for showing me humility and for humbling me. 🙏 Thank you for making me see that the bad I thought was bad, wasn’t so bad after all. 🙏 Thank you for making me see that the good I thought was good, wasn’t so good after all. 🙏 Thank you for teaching me gratitude. 🙏 Thank you for teaching me patience. 🙏 Thank you for not giving me what I so desperately wanted and thank you for making me realise it’s because there is something much bigger and better waiting for me. 🙏 Thank you for taking from me what no longer served me. 🙏 Thank you for giving me what I didn’t want but needed. 🙏 Thank you for letting stay what needed to stay. 🙏 Thank you for your timing. 🙏 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to overcome my fears. 🙏 Thank you for awakening me. 🙏 Thank you for my health. 🙏 Thank you for my loved ones. 🙏 Thank you for the laughter, blessings, opportunity and love which you make present in my life every single day no matter what was happening. 🙏 and THANK YOU for where I am right now. 🙏Thank you 2020, I bless you and leave you with love.

2021, I welcome you with open arms, no matter the journey.


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