What happens when you remove yourself from toxic people?

Have you ever been away from a toxic environment for a period of time and started to feel like yourself again? Started to recognize yourself again and your worth? You know that incredible feeling you get when you come back to your senses about who you are and what you want out of life and how inspired you feel just thinking about it?

When you are away from a person or people who are not good for you in more ways than one, your mood enhances and takes an incredible boost, making you feel like you can achieve anything. When you’re away from a space or place that has you unfulfilled and unhappy, the color starts to come back to your face, wrinkles start to fade, your eyes seem brighter and you look refreshed.

Have you noticed that when you’re away from bad energy you start to love yourself and your life a little bit more? Have you noticed that anxiety and depression begin to fade away and your outlook on life changes? You’re so motivated and actually get stuff done. You follow through on the promises you make yourself, you’re productive, you’re energetic, and can take on the world.

You’re not imagining it. There are people, colleagues, friends, relatives, relationships, homes, places, offices and work environments that get you down and drag your energy down. Their energy affects your energy. Their sluggishness, bitchiness, demotivation and fears start penetrating in to you.

This happens because we walk around with our energy system exposed, we don’t make a conscious effort in protecting our aura, our energy, our Chi. Unless you’re an incredibly positive person, even the slightest of negativity in the air, especially if it’s targeted towards you, can pierce through and fester within and around you.

This takes its toll, not only on your mental health, but also on your physical health. Your anxiety flairs up, you feel claustrophobic and even feel like you can’t breathe. A place or a person that curbs your creativity and puts you in a box is going to make you feel suffocated and anxious, have no doubt about that.

You’re not exhausted because you didn’t sleep enough, it’s the energy in the place you are in that exhausts you, it’s the energy of the person you are sitting with that drains you.

Do you notice how you recoup during your weekend away from a work environment you’re not happy in? Not just physically, but mentally – just enough to keep you going another week? And how about when you go on vacation for a week or two? How do you feel then?

Regardless of what it is, the longer you are away from that negative energy, environment or person, you start building yourself up again. You build on the creative juices, you build on the feel good, you build on the happiness, the enthusiasm for life. Your whole body changes, your face changes when you are away from those environments and those people. Your demeanor changes, your cells change, your posture changes, your composition changes, your tone changes. Your outlook on life changes.

Do you notice your energy levels? Do you notice your motivation levels? Your drive? If there is any kind of venture you’re going to pursue, start it whilst you are away from toxic people and places. Vacation time is a great opportunity to put energy into your side project and pump it with energy, inject it with your passion and get it off the ground.

But, make no mistake, as sensitive as you are to the energies and environments around you, you are not completely vulnerable. You too have the power to change the energy in a room, so be conscious of what you bring to your surroundings. You don’t realize it, but anything you say or do can have a profound effect on someone else’s day – or even life. One negative comment can ruin a person’s day and one positive one can change their outlook on life. It’s time for you to be more conscious of the power you have, just with your presence.

Above all, protect your aura, your vibe, your spirit. Do everything you can to change your environment before your environment permanently changes you!

Remember this – The further a ship sets sail, the harder it is to get back to shore. The longer you are surrounded by that person or stay in a toxic or unfulfilling environment, the harder it will be to get back to your true self.


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